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At the Crossings, we’ve seen God do amazing things in people’s lives.  We’ve seen him change the hopeless to the hopeful and the lost to the found.  We believe that everyone, no matter what their age, should have the opportunity to be involved and deepen their relationship with Christ and his people. We know how important building those relationships are, so we have several groups who are diverse and unique in their makeup to ensure growth and community. From the Kids and Campus Ministries to the Adult Ministry–all of our members have witnessed the power of Christ and his ability transform lives, and we can’t wait to share in that with you!

Youth Ministry

The Junior High and High School years are some of the most important times in your life. You are making decisions that will change your future, you are at a CrossRoads … come check out Crossroads Youth Ministry and see how God can help you make the kind of decisions that will put you on the right road.

We host weekly gatherings called Cross Chats for both Junior High and High School students, and we would love for you to join us!

Adult Ministry

We believe the most important thing as adults is to continue passionately furthering God’s Kingdom. We are called to pave the way and be an example for the younger generation, and we believe this calling to be vital to the mission of God.  We recognize that this time in our lives is not the time to grow stagnant and dwell in the church pew.  We tackle life's problems together as a family of believers on a mission for Christ.

Support Classes

The Manasseh Ministries are designed to aide with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We use God’s word to help us heal from the past, break cycles of brokenness, and transform us into a new creation. We believe the best way to heal from the past is by learning how to heal and helping others heal. Each class is offered in the Spring and/or the Fall semesters, depending on class sizes and availability.

Kid's Ministry

Crossings Kids exists to help your child discover the wonderful love of God and the blessings of following Him. Every Sunday your child (age 8 weeks to 10 years) will experience a special time of worship, learning and fun. Caring and competent teachers will guide your children in special songs, exciting Bible stories, games, crafts and other fun-filled activities. It is our prayer that each Sunday morning you will allow the Crossings Kids to lighten your load and care for your children while teaching your child how to live a life with Christ at the center.  We hope to see you this Sunday!

Campus Ministry

Revolution Campus Ministry is made up people who have radically changed their lives to live God’s way. We have been blessed to find real relationships that last and friends that are consistently there through the ups and downs. Everyone wants to be apart of something great and something lasting; having purpose in life is essential and attainable. A full life is what we have found! John 10:10. We are constantly having events and activities to have fun and meet new people.

Cell Groups

We believe small groups are the engines that keep the church going and are integral to the reproduction of healthy churches. Much like the beginnings of the church in Acts 2:42-47, we strive to live like a family: truly knowing each other, carrying each other’s burdens, and building each other up. We call these groups “Cell” Groups because it is our aim to, like a cell, grow individually and as a group to the point that we reproduce and multiply. We’ve committed to having Cell Groups of 12-15 people meeting in a home each week to learn how to better follow the will of God…together. We believe a church cannot be successful or healthy if the people are not personally meeting with and enjoying God consistently.

Kids Ministry
Youth Ministry
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